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Band #: ALVA 2371/14
Direct son of "Wonder White when coupled with a daughter of the super "Klein Blawe 33"
SalePrice: $ 750.00
Band #: NL-857059/08
Wonder White Bred by Ludo Claessens Son of Super Witpen 3rd National NPO Orleans vs. 9,096, grandson of super racer and number 1 breeder Jonge Supercrack (son of base cock Supercrack 69). Mother is the Super White sister of a number of top birds for Ludo from his hit pair Favoriet 65 (son of base cock Late Donkere) and Witje 59 (daughter base cock Supercrack 69).
Band #: 10 BELG 4005925
Parents direct from Ludo Claessens. Daughter Klein Blauw 33 who is also mother of Kleintje 22 super racer 7x1 and breeder. Klein Blauw 33 is wonder breeding hen. Lines of Mr. Tours, Supercrack 69, Simply The Best
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