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Band #: THP-4366/13
Straight Ludo off imports. Full sister to ALVA-1618/13 -LYONS,GA 12/08/2013 5/ 522 Brds/ 23 Lfts/288 Ave Miles/184.6 Pts -LOUISVILLE,GA 12/01/2013 56/ 621 Brds/ 28 Lfts/343 Ave Miles/121.6 Pts -FARGO,GA 10/19/2013 31/ 705 Brds/ 30 Lfts/184 Ave Miles/110.8 Pts -FARGO,GA 11/09/2013 42/ 673 Brds/ 29 Lfts/185 Ave Miles/ 97.9 Pts
SalePrice: $ 500.00
Band #: 10 BELG 4005932
Parents direct Ludo Claessens.Claessens 932 is Son Schoon Licht Favoriet. Lines of Jonge Supercrack, Supercrack 69, Favoriet 65, Late Donkere
Band #: 09 BELG 2130221
Imported ludo Claessens Ludo Claessens BB Pied Hen "Beautiful Vedetje" bred by Koen Van Roy from parents direct from Ludo Claessens. "Vale 22", "Schoon Laat late Donkere", Jonge Supercrack" and "Vedetje" are her grandparents and top racers and breeders for Ludo Claessens.
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